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Dog Park Fencing specializes in Dog Fencing and Gates for dog parks, kennels, veterinary clinics, multi-family housing, animal and zoo parks, HOA’s, large homes, and many additional uses.  Our fences are designed with 3inch spacing so dogs can’t escape.  With our fencing’s flush bottom and top, it is even safer for dogs.  We use only the best materials and ingenuity for a quality Pet Fencing that surpasses all expectations.  Also, we used powdercoated steel and all of our fencing and dog products are designed and Made in the USA.

Our Dog Park Equipment is some of the industry’s best and compares favorably with other dog products.  If you are searching for an Outdoor Dog Fence or a Dog Kennel Fence that will hold up under any conditions and last for years and years with little to no maintenance, then you have found the right company and the right fence.  Our fencing also makes a perfect Dog Run Fence for kennels or backyards.

In addition to dog fencing, our other dog product divisions include Dog Park Equipment and Dog Playground and Agility Equipment, in addition to Dog Waste Stations, Dog Water Fountains, and Dog Splash Pools and Pads. * All DVR Fence kits come complete with posts, hardware, fasteners, hinges, and latches.


dog safe

Our fences are designed specifically for dogs with three inch spacing so dogs cannot escape. Our flush top and bottom make the fence even safer.


quality products

Our products are intelligently designed and crafted using the best materials and inguineity producing quality products. 

steel strong

We use powder coated steel to provide long lasting high quality fence solutions.


fence planning

We can assist you with your fence planning and dog park design.

easy installation

Our Doggie DVR fence is designed to be adaptable to land gradient changes.